ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Buz Etheredge

Buz lives in Marietta, GA with his wife of forty-seven years and a cat named Wallis. With a degree from the University of Florida School of Journalism, he enlisted in the Cola Wars.

Dragging his family and pets along the way, Buz worked in twelve cities across North America. Fleeing the corporate morass with a pink slip and a package, he became a serial entrepreneur chasing rabbits into the woods. Most got away.

Tiring of this futility, he wrote Grow House… just for the fun of it.

The Characters of Grow House



Sandy Henderson’s days are filled with all the dutiful activities of being a wife and mother. That is until a lived-out fantasy rattles her world. She struggles to maintain an equilibrium as her life is disrupted by a string of unconnected events. Dealing with her husband’s job loss, a financial crisis and the transitioning of her family from Georgia to Colorado is just the beginning.

Wife of Buddy Henderson


After a tumultuous childhood, Buddy Henderson built a bubble around himself by playing it safe. Efforts to avoid risk fail as laziness and indecision create a false sense of security. His life in a suburb of Atlanta is seemingly perfect until life rears its ugly head. As his imaginary safe zone craters opportunities appear, shocking him into a journey of renewal self-actualization.

Husband of Sandy Henderson


As a wild child of the 70’s Katherine never broke from the mold of her irreverence, love of a challenge and fearlessness. Guilty of her short-comings as a mother, she is determined to drag her daughter and son-in-law into her world of carpe diem. Her unabiding courage is a catalyst for the change that most fear.

Mother of Sandy Henderson


Most parent’s nightmare, Taylor uses her brilliance, good looks and sociopathic personality to manipulate her environment for self-serving purposes. By monitoring the risks, she picks her fights knowing she always will have the upper hand, particularly with those willing to cut her some slack.

Daughter of Buddy & Sandy


As a prominent Denver family law attorney, Gabe is an activist for many causes including LGBTQ and legalized marijuana. Mentored by Katherine since early adulthood, he is a stalwart supporter of the family and its interests. All his capabilities are challenged as loyalties to friends and associates drag him into disturbing situations.

Henderson Family Attorney

Grow House – Chapter 1 – Three’s Company


Keeping an eye on the car inches in front, Sandy Henderson advances her radio for updates on the convergence of massive weather systems. Despite the warnings, she is determined to catch the last day of The Mart to secure supplies for her design and decorating business. Crawling along, she hopes the weather will hold for the twenty-five-mile trip home to Marietta. Unconsciously she nibbles at a cuticle that has begun to bleed. Her concerns heighten as ice pellets crackle against the windshield. Barely out of downtown Atlanta, she finds her two-wheel drive Ford Explorer unsuitable for the conditions.

Stalled behind a line of vehicles, she clutches her phone against the steering wheel and texts updates on her worsening plight. Newscasters offer a possible haven six miles north. With the rear tires having no traction, she abandons her vehicle at roadside. Having decided to hike to the refuge, she zips up her nylon parka, dons the hood, and straps on her shoulder bag. She curses herself for choosing form over function as her leather soled booties splash into the semi-frozen slush.

After ten minutes of stumbling past idling cars and trucks, a SUV pulls alongside. The window rolls down and a young girl hollers out, “Hey, want a lift? I’ve got four-wheel drive.”
Inside the warm cabin introductions are made. “Hi, I’m Sandy. I really appreciate this.”
“No problem. I’m Abby. Don’t know how far we can get. We’ll be fine if this single lane stays open. How far you going?”

“They’ve got a refuge set-up at the CEPAC. With the sound of things, nobody’s getting anywhere they want to tonight. How about you?”

“I was trying to make it to Nashville but I’m afraid that’s not going to happen.”
The SUV moves through the narrow lane for a short time before coming to a halt. Looking around the sloping bend, Abby sees hundreds of tail lights stretching to the horizon. “Sandy, there’s hardly any movement for miles and I only have several gallons left in my tank. I don’t want to stall out in the middle of I-75.”

“Let’s hoof it to the refuge.” Sandy suggests.

“Okay, I’ll get off the bridge and find a place to ditch.”


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